WhatsApp working on the Dark Mode; you might soon get it with some other features

Dark mode is the present trend in mobile market. Apple recently updated its OS to iOS 13 which has dark mode and even the latest Android 10 also has this feature. So, both the leading mobile maniacs have finally introduced this trending feature to their devices. Facebook, Google Chrome, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn also made this dark mode feature available for its users. What about WhatsApp? It not yet introduced this feature but the news are that it is soon going to introduce the dark mode as the developers are working on it.

WABetaInfo which was a specialized entity, has dissected the releases of beta version of WhatsApp. This suggests that the dark mode will be soon released and is under progress. Compared to the regular dark mode, WhatsApp is trying something new by changing the color scheme to green or blue, which once the mode is enable it gets activated immediately. The screen of WhatsApp will be dark which will address the problem with white colors that stresses out the human eye.

Recently WhatsApp also concentrated on the emoji option menu that flashes a ray of bright white light. Regarding this feature, the developers have taken utmost care. Nevertheless, the message bubble that pops up in the chatbox is a major concern among the developers.

WhatsApp developers are also planning to launch more interesting features like self-destructive message along with this dark mode. In this self-destructive message feature, the message disappears after a some specified time. Complete details regarding this are not yet revealed, but according to assumptions, one can set a time period of the messages that want to get deleted.

This feature might be new to WhatsApp, but already some platforms like Telegram, Signal, and Facebook messenger are using. According to rumors, the data will be hidden completely from the muted contacts. At present, if you mute a contact it won’t hide away the info shared by the contact. If once the update rolls out, all the info will be hidden from muted contact if you wish to.

There are not any details regarding the launch of these updates. But it is confirmed that they are working on these features. If once the developers introduced the feature, users will be accompanied with description regarding how to use it. Another important thing that attracts the users about this dark mode is battery life.

Meanwhile, you can follow some tricks to save the battery life like changing the wallpaper in chats to some solid color. If you select the dark color instead of light color, it drains less battery also there won’t be much stress to your eyes, as per the WhatsApp suggestions. However, this feature simply saves some battery but does not change the bubble colors.

Another trick to save some battery is by selecting the storage and data usage. This even saves your storage. This option lets you choose to download the media manually or automatically. If you enable the manual option, then the media won’t be downloaded without your tap. This indeed reduces the storage, data and battery usage.

This dark mode feature will surely help in reducing the stress on our eyes and even increases the battery life. For now, we need to wait patiently for this feature to launch on our WhatsApp.

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