Uber Freight announces its app expansion across the border into Canada

Uber Freight has expanded for the first time in the North American part and has announced to expand in Canada. Canada has started to face a severe shortage in the number of drivers, which is resulting in a very restrictive capacity of freight. Uber freight is a business unit that helps truck drivers connect with shipping companies through a common platform that ensures transparency and clarity about things happening.

This expansion of Uber freight into Canada would give the company access to Canada’s $68 billion trucking industry, which is a matter of huge advantage for the company. The company has announced during September, its planning of expansion into Europe. This was a company that had very limited operations in Texas and now, in a very versatile way, has expanded into the rest of continental US, Europe, and the very recent, Canada.

Lior Ron who leads Uber Freight, mentions, Carriers, shippers and freight are the significant component that keeps their whole world moving, and in accordance with that, they have always dedicated themselves to scale up their operations and have a huge margin of Profit and opportunity for the shippers, carriers and freights.

Right from January 2019 to August 2019, Uber freight application has gained huge popularity in the United States and has commanded 19% of all the load boards and broker downloads. The company was already helping establish connections between the carriers and the shippers who actually are the retailers and the manufacturers IN Ontario and Quebec, but now it has started facilitating trade across cross-borders.

There has been growing speculations among groups of people regarding the actual thing going on. The perspective was why Uber freight is eyeing to Canada in aid to the fact that it on the basis of the domestic trucking market. Canada is tiny as compared to the United States, which, if stated with numbers, looks like a $68 billion against $800 billion. And yet, the reason for which it is eyeing Canada is not for transportation of truck goods from Vancouver to Toronto but exactly from the United States to Canada and back. Canada is the largest export market of the United States, and hence it is eyeing Canada.

The team’s transportation analyst Morgan Stanley says,” It is clear that the company has built a significant freight” Despite the fact that more than 1000 Uber employees faced layoff, Uber freight is going to establish a new headquarter in Chicago where it is deciding to hire some 2000+ employees into as sales and engineering position holders.

The company ensures that by this expansion, it is going to help the enhancement of the efficiency in the trucking sector and also help to reduce the empty running of trucks’ freight. The company has been serving more than 1000 shippers, including companies like AB InBev, Niagara bottling, etc. and has its offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam.

Upon this context, Martin Brower, who has been the largest supply chain partner to multi-unit restaurants, is among the first shipper partners who have joined with Uber freight from the Canadian market. The director of Martin Brower, when asked about his opinion, says, “As a company with innovation at its core, Martin Brower is always looking for new technologies that help us raise the bar of service for our restaurant partners.”

Hence, basing on this and the fact that Canada is the largest export market of the United States, this deal of expansion into Europe and presently into Canada is going to prove quite fruitful to the Uber freight.

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