Mozilla planning to launch Beta version for its new VPN service

Mozilla is going to launch Beta version for its VPN service in the upcoming weeks. Previously Mozilla introduced its Firefox Private Network that looked similar to other third-party VPN extensions. It was very limited in terms of facilities and options and it did not even bring much to the table.

This Firefox Private Network is a browser-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) which means, the security features under VPN is limited just to the Mozilla firefox browser. When you stop using the current browser and start using another one, then your browsing will not be covered under the private network.

It was like any basic VPN connection to which when you connect your system or some other device like mobile, that device masks itself greatly to look like it is on the same local network as of the Virtual Private Network.

This feature of device (smartphone or computer or tablet) masking itself also side by side provides a secure and safe connection or pathway to let your browsing traffic pass through. This encourages the users to access the local network resources securely. Also, it does not matter that from where you are accessing the internet and browsing across the world.

Whenever the users want to browse with a masked identity their VPN helps very well and so it is very beneficial to them. At present, most of the users are the people who use public Wi-Fi or the people who want to access geographically blocked apps, websites and pages.

As Cloudflare serves as the partner for the service, the Beta version of VPN is coming in place. And so Mozilla is inviting people for beta testing and giving those testers a opportunity to see themselves in this latest version. By the way of 3 four hours passes, they will give a total of 12 hours of Private Network.

Mozilla designed Firefox Private Network and is now providing the beta version of its VPN. Through encryption and making the IP address of connection at the same time, this private network would focus to protect the data of the user.

On their website, Mozilla Firefox announced, and we quote verbatim, as it was:
A version of Private Network will still be free
As one of our beta testers, you’ll automatically be converted to a new version of Firefox Private Network. This offers all the same benefits as before, but for a limited amount of time each month.
You’ll get 12 hours of Private Network in the form of four three-hour passes. Next time you’re on public Wi-Fi, turn on Private Network to claim one of your passes. Once you validate a pass, it runs without stopping for three hours. You’ll get four new passes at the beginning of every month.
For unlimited access, you have the opportunity to join our invite-only VPN beta. We’re nearly ready to invite our beta testers to try out Firefox Private Network full-device protection. You can join the waitlist right now — before we open it up to the public. This invite-only VPN beta will protect your entire device and offers the option to switch between servers in 39 countries.
Thanks again for participating in the Firefox Private Network beta. You’re helping us build products that put people and their privacy first.

Though the Firefox Private Network is completely free, to use the beta version, you are required to be the US based. You need to install Firefox on your device and need to sign in to your Firefox account to use the beta version.

To provide the VPN services, Cloudfare is the partner to Mozilla. Since it was the partner, when the users of Mozilla Firefox use their Private Network to browse in the web browser they will get connected to the nearest data centre automatically.

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