‘Minecraft Earth’ is now available in even more countries including UK

‘Minecraft Earth’ is now made available to 8 more countries and the most important country of all and also the most recent addition is the United Kingdom. The Microsoft based Mojang is now extending the country list to which the new game will be available. The 9 countries include Australia, Canada, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

But the important thing to note is that the game is not available in countries like the USA. So probably people in America have to wait for a little longer. The company says it will release the games in even more countries in the coming days. And also, the game is available for both Android and iOS users.

The Microsoft-based Mojang released its beta version. The company says the beta version will not have access to the purchase center. But now the actual release of the game that is the complete version has access to the purchase store and also many more updates than the beta version. The company there was will bring even more updates on the new game in the future. So the more you wait, the better and cool the game will become.

The gaming field is getting hot day by day. And the release of Pokémon GO has made a great revolution in the gaming industry. You can also consider the Harry Potter : Wizards United, another revolution and a mega-hit in the gambling no industry. Many developers tried to create a game using the collection and location-based formula and failed.

Even the developer of the Harry Potter : Wizards United, himself, is not being able to replicate his work. These releases in the gaming field made many companies invest in the gaming field. You can say that this is the main reason for the Microsoft-bases Mojang to develop and release this new game called ‘Minecraft Earth’.

‘Minecraft Earth’ is a location-based AR game. This game detects the position of real-world objects and helps to apply it in the game. It is used to create objects on the phone. The game facilitates us to built things on the phone and play with it in the real world environment using augmented reality. The game also facilitates other users to view the objects created by us and interact with them.

The major difference between Pokémon GO and Minecraft Earth is that the Pokémon GO game focuses on the collection and competition mechanic, but Minecraft Earth, on the other hand, lets users create their own games and environment. Right now, Minecraft Earth just lets you build an interactive diorama with the appropriate build plate and appropriate materials or tools.

As other augmented reality games, Minecraft Earth also has many risks. There are many guidelines for the players about what to do and what not to do even in a limited location. In this new game that is Minecraft Earth, you will also be able to combine with all builders and create masterpieces together. Also, the game uses the phone rear camera to built small scale or large scale blocks.

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