LG’s new dual-screen foldable phone price and features revealed; it is all set to launch in the US

Are you looking to get a foldable phone at a reasonable price? Then, here is the good news for you from LG. LG confirmed that it is going to release LG G8X ThinQ at all major US online retailers and mobile carriers simultaneously including AT&T, Amazon, and Sprite. This launch was set to be on 1st November and you can also pre-order from 25th October mid-night.

The hype for these foldable phones are increasing in the market with the introduction of Samsung Galaxy Fold. But its price of $1980 might be a heavy blow to many pockets. The new LG G8X ThinQ does not flaunt the seamless Samsung foldable screen but it provides the satisfaction of Duality to its customers.

The dual-screen display of LG G8X ThinQ lets you do multitask on two apps at a time and can even double as either a keyboard for writers or a gamepad for hardcore gamers. The space of each screen in 6.4 inches. Just like Samsung device, this phone too have a cover display which shows battery life, date, time, and notifications. You can additional feature with this LG new phone. When you want to reduce the bulkiness, you can remove the screen as the dual-screen of this LG G8X ThinQ is removable.

Coming to the power, the LG G8X ThinQ runs on Snapdragon 855 chipset. It has RAM of 6 GB. Also, it supports the Android 9 version i.e., pie instead of Android 10. However, updates are on the way by LG. This device features a 32 MP f/1.9 front facing camera and a 12 MP f/1.8 standard lens and 13 MP f/2.4 super wide camera on back along with a whopping 4000mAh battery.

According to sources, this LG phone costs $699.99 which is very less compared to the Samsung foldable phone. This price might be still a lot for some people, but as it was foldable one which comes with flip-out second screen we can say its coming at a reasonable price. AT&T also mentioned that after the paid promotion, the dual screen will be be available separately for $200. So, before the promotion period ends it might be a smart move if you buy the phone.

The LG G8X ThinQ might not be as impressive as Samsung Galaxy Fold. Compared to Samsung’s camera quality, display and other features this LG phone might be a bit bland. But, for the price of $700, we can that LG G8X ThinQ is pretty incredible.

On 1st November, this LG G8X ThinQ is going to be launched only in the US. However, in the following weeks, the LG is planning to release LG G8X ThinQ in other countries like Japan, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, and Germany. Yet there are no news regarding when the new LG phone is going to hit the UK and Australia.

As per Counterpoint Research, the sales of LG smartphones are taking a dip in the United States lately. LG G8X ThinQ might be their attempt to improve the sales over the holiday season in the US. With low price and amazing feature of LG G8X ThinQ, LG might hit that goal.

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