iPhone Users can no longer use the unlimited high-quality storage of Google Photos if once the bug fixed

The reports regarding free unlimited storage for iPhone users on Google Phone are already roaming everywhere. Google finally announced that these bugs would be soon fixed. The iPhone users who took advantage of this are in dismay with this news.

After the launch of Pixel 4 and 4 XL, this report about iPhone users are getting unlimited and high-quality Google photo storage. Unlike the previous ones, now the latest models in Google pixel series will not give unlimited high-quality uploads to Google Photos.

Generally, Google Photos allows free storage of high-quality images upto 15 GB. Users have to go for premium subscription for upgraded storage space and it is a paid service. Any images and documents that are uploaded into your Google account will count towards the total storage. Means, Google services like Documents and Drive also come under this.

In the Google Photos, the iOS users are allowed to store high-quality images without using much storage which is the bug that revealed recently. iPhones have format of HEIC for photos and compared to normal JPEG files, these are more compressible. So, when users upload these HEIC files in Google Photos, their sizes will fall under the limited space technically, 16 MB per file.

Sad news for iPhone users as this bug is said to be soon fixed up by the Google. The days which iPhone users uploaded their unlimited high-quality images to Google Photos are coming to an end. The tech giant Google has not yet mentioned about how and when they are going to resolve this issue.

Before uploading the photos to the cloud, if Google made it mandatory to convert all the files in to JPEG then it will be a huge turn-off for iOS users. This won’t be appreciated much because this will cause the loss of picture quality that is taken on iPhone.

We can say that this news is going to be a heart-breaking news for the iOS users who are using Google Photos for their pictures storage. If once the Google fixes the bug, the service the iOS users utilizing till now will come to an end. In terms of storage issues, the latest updates would not be iOS-friendly. Else, they need to upgrade for a premium subscription.

After Google fixes this bug, all the iOS users will have to upgrade to premium to retain the quality of their image files. However, this fix would not effect other users and it is going to remain as 15 GB storage space limit and 16 MB size limit.

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