Instagram planning to launch new updates for more security over the third-party apps

Most of the social media platforms are providing an option for its users to manage the third-party authentication. Facebook in one among them and now Instagram is joining.

As per the news sources, Instagram is going to introduce a new feature that allows its users to manage the third-party applications that use their account info. According to updates, this new feature will let users restrict the info shared with unknown sources or we can simply say third-party applications.

With this update, users can choose whom they wish to share and what they want to share. Some apps like website building sites or photo printing services often ask for your permission to connect to your Insta account. On accepting, these apps will get access your information like profile info, username, captions, photos, type of account, etc.

With these latest updates, users of Instagram can now manage the apps that they want to give access to their account info. This can be availed with the help of added option in Settings. Just go to Settings >> Security >> Apps and Websites and you can see a list of all tools, websites, and apps that you’ve shared info. From this you can manage the third-party apps easily.

Users can either limit or completely remove the info provided to any third-party sources. It also allows users to remove the app completely from accessing any account information.

Improved permission screen for third-party applications is another update announced by the Instagram. This will provide the list of data that the third-party agent is asking or requesting the users. With this option, users can now ‘authorize’ or ‘cancel’ the access directly from the authorization screen.

These two updates were available earlier itself on other platforms. Now the improved methods have been introduced on Instagram and these options makes user security and interactions easily accessible.

According to Instagram, though these updates are announced now, the gradual process will be completed in around 6 months from now. All that users have to do is check for regular updates in the app for these new options.

As the interaction between virtual world and social media is increasing day-by-day, it will be really hard to maintain record of the apps that are accessing your Instagram account. So, this introduction of new security feature and authorization screen that displays what data the third-party apps are requesting will be a blessing for users as they can manage from now.

To makes users feel more secure, Instagram has removed the ‘following’ tap in its previous update. This feature used to provide the information about the activities of all the followers in Insta. According to the Instagram, they removed this tab as it was not serving the purpose it was created for.

In each and every update, Instagram is launching more features and is modifying itself. Also, there are hopes in people that Instagram will provide the similar features of its mobile version to the desktop version soon. Just like uploading new pictures, etc. For now, there is no specific date revealed regarding the launch of these new updates.

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