Hulu to become the streaming home for Disney owned FX

Reportedly, Hulu is going to be the official streamer of FX and this is a matter of fact an announcement which has been coming from the solid quarterly earnings reports. Recently, it is less than a week left for the release and launch of the Disney+, and while during the report, it was expected to hear about the upcoming launch, surprisingly, Bob Iger has come up with more exciting streaming news about Hulu.

Disney Company has reported its earnings, which has beaten for its fiscal fourth quarter, and the numbers are quite interesting. The stocks have risen, and the company CEO accepts that the audience very well received the streaming service.

The fiscal fourth-quarter earnings have arrived days before the streaming service launch, which has been due to be on November 12. Disney has regarded FX as a solid premium brand which has managed to tie the viewers to it through its very valuable content, and Disney is immensely happy to offer the same amazing content to the customers all at one place.

The Walt Disney Company CEO after Thursday’s earning call has said, Hulu shall become the official streamer to the premium brand FX who has been the host to the award-winning legacy series produced over nearly two decades. It is also exciting to be launching the brand-new original series that shall be exclusive to the Hulu subscribers only.

John Landgraf, the CEO of FX, has expressed his complete happiness about Disney being their streaming partner and thus finally making them complete and best representation of FX brand. This has made them together eligible for competing with the existing streaming markets like HBO, which are already on a front foot in their streaming journey.

However, FX becoming a fixture on Hulu is not so sudden as it appears. Iger, the CEO of Disney had already touted the partnership of FX and Hulu in the previous earning calls. As always, Landgraf made it quite clear that it would never compromise with the quality of the content and that the quality of shows will not ever change.

“We are more committed than ever to quality over quantity, with our primary focus on excellence that can cut through the clutter at a time of unprecedented consumer choice”, said the FX CEO, Landgraf in a press release.

In this whole matter, Iger exactly says,” Beginning in March, Hulu will become the official streaming home for FX Networks,” said the Walt Disney Company CEO on Thursday’s earnings call. Praising the John Landgraf-run cabler as a “produced of high-quality and award-winning content and will become a key content driver for Hulu,”. Iger has also revealed about the brand-new releases like the Cate Blanchett-led miniseries Mrs America and three other new FX series will debut exclusively on what will be called “FX on Hulu in 2020”.

From the series of events that have been happening around, we got one sure shot clarification. There was huge chaos about the fact that Disney in the process of the launch of Disney+ has rendered so much limelight and attention to it that they forgot about Hulu. But with the current reports just days before the launch whose large part was spent on improvising Hulu and its merger with FX shows that it’s far from the case and Hulu still is important and matters to the company.

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