Harley-Davidson suspends all new Electric motorcycles production

Harley-Davidson has stopped the production and deliveries due to a non-standard condition that was found in its all-electrical motorcycles. It has been reported that the condition came to picture when Harley-Davidson began testing its rolled out project.

Named as the LiveWire, the motorcycles were first introduced as a concept motorcycle in 2014. After that, it took around 4 years for the company to have LiveWire reappear. The project then disappeared from all limelight. It was in the November of 2018 that Harley-Davidson reintroduced its LiveWire in a finalized form ready for production.

LiveWire seemed no less than a magical electrical vehicle with a tough and attractive build and a promising mileage. The LiveWire is known to reach a speed of 60 miles an hour, and what is more catchy is, it reaches this speed in less than three seconds! It was also reported that there would be no clutch and no shifting. Harley-Davidson later on released further information about its electric motorcycle it had rolled out, i.e., LiveWire.

Recently Harley-Davidson offered many riders a demonstration of how it feels to be riding the bike. Needless to say, the demo went impressive. Equipped with a whole range of sturdy electronics on it that gets you to be managing the motorcycle in different conditions, after all, that is what made the LiveWire ride for the first time, an experience in itself.

The LiveWire was famed for going from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds. This was to be available initially in only a selected few dealerships and was set to cost nearly $30,000. The motorcycle manufacturer was reported saying that the purchasers would have access to free charging at the multiple participating LiveWire dealers. This facility could be availed for the initial two years.

The Milwaukee based motorcycle company has been struggling with declining sales and in not just the United States but other parts of the globe too. Its U.S. motorcycle sales came down to 4.2%, and international sales got down to 3.3% in the first quarter of this year. Furthermore, its second-quarter suffered as well since its net profit jumped to about 20%. Hence the electric motorbike LiveWire had been rolled out as a very promising project for the company itself. The brand was all set to fuel its aging client base and depleting sales.

The manufacturer company’s spokesperson was reported telling the Wall Street journal that stopping production was an important step to test its charging mechanism. Moreover, the company maintained that the motorcycles that have been already sold, are safe.

The company’s representative said, “As we lead in the electrification of motorcycles, we have delivered our first LiveWire motorcycles to authorized LiveWire dealers. We recently discovered a non-standard condition during a final quality check; stopped production and deliveries; and began additional testing and analysis, which is progressing well. We are in close contact with our LiveWire dealers and customers and have assured them they can continue to ride LiveWire motorcycles. As usual, we’re keeping high quality as our top priority.”

Hopefully, Harley-Davidson sorts out all the defects and comes out in the market again, with renewed vigor.

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