Google Pay on roll to San Francisco rail; Users can soon pay for transit cards

This week brings happy news for Google Pay users in San Francisco. The Cubic Transportation system is joining up with Google to provide better and easy payment methods for passengers in transits. Now, users can make easy, contactless payment transactions through Google Pay much more conveniently.

This new introduction can supposedly make paying for public transportation cost-effective, secure, and easily accessible to the general public. Using Google Pay to make payments for tickets and transit cards can eliminate the need for carrying out offline payments, thus making it efficient.

Currently, the area of San Francisco to which this system is being introduced is not specified yet. But hopes are that this service might be available in a wider range as the previous projects of Cubic transportation systems in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Sydney, San Diego, San Francisco, and London. The capabilities of current systems used in cities such as New York, Miami, and London are also being extended according to the new Google Pay agreement.

Ambarish Kenghe, director of product management for Google Pay expresses his views on this new tie-up; “Working with Cubic will help us simplify the commute for Google Pay users in several major transit systems – including support for Clipper cards in the San Francisco Bay Area,”. “Ultimately, our goal is to make riding public transit seamless and convenient for as many people as we can.” He added.

While Matt Cole, the president of Cubic Transportation Systems didn’t conceal his excitement in this new venture with Google Pay services. “We are very excited to work with Google to provide travellers with a simple and easy way to pay for transit fares with the devices they already rely on and use every day,” said Matt Cole. “We are pleased to leverage our industry-leading payment and information solutions as well as Google Pay’s seamless platform to enhance how people move within their cities.”

Google Pay teamed-up with Cubic Corporation will surely contribute to making people’s life hassle-free. Google Pay rules out the need for tiring physical payment methods with this add-on. This helps to pay and manage the transit cards of passengers through online platforms and make it more reliable.

Cubic’s online platform equips travelers with modern means to manage their transit cards and improve their travel experience. Customers can add transit cards to Google Pay, securely reload funds, and buy tickets straight from their mobile phones without the need for a physical transit card. The technology provides a one-stop solution for travelers to access real-time catalogs for tour planning, an uncomplicated way to buy, and choose the best fare as well as real-time information and alerts.

Google Pay will help daily and random commuters by offering more flexibility in payment options. Passengers will only have to hold their phones at the turnstiles, and Google Pay can be used on public transportation services, without opening the app or unlock their device. With this new introduction, paying for public transportation is about to become more comfortable and user-friendly, with a transparent payment system for passengers through contactless transit payments using Google Pay.

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