Facebook introduces a News tab in the Mobile App for selected users in the USA

The tech giants of the social media world, Facebook, announced a new addition to the Facebook app. They are preparing to launch a ‘News’ section in the Facebook app. The add-on is currently in test mode, and it will be launched first in the US for selected users as a preface.

Facebook will seek out to the big shots of the journalism world as a first step, to cover up internationally relevant headlines. For now, launch partners for the first phase involve news organizations like News Corp, CNN, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed News, the Los Angeles Times, CBS, and Fox’s local stations.

Facebook has already hired news editors and journalists to manage and manipulate the content of news displayed. But, Facebook won’t be creating news articles on its own. Instead, they team up with national news agencies to get a hold of the trending headlines. The tech world has not received a clarification whether all the services of news agencies on Facebook News are paid, or not. Have assumed that some are paid and some are unpaid, but the exact information is not available at the instance.

It seems Facebook is considering the news giants as none of the small local agencies have not made to the list
“It’s great that Facebook is willing to pay the New York Times and Washington Post, among other national news organizations, but while the tech giant is doing that, newspapers in smaller markets across the country are closing up shop, and every day more of America is becoming a news desert,” was the opinion of Larry Gilbert, Jr., the audience engagement editor for the Sun Journal newspaper in Lewiston, Maine.

As far as the initiative for a news tab, in the most popular social media platform is concerned, it kick-starts an era of social media in news sharing.

According to the words of Facebook’s latest blog post,
“People want and benefit from personalized experiences on Facebook, but we know there is reporting that transcends individual experience, We want to support both.”
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is scheduled to discuss the new tab onstage today with News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson at an event in New York City.

The onstage meet-up discussion on Friday night is about the news tab, between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson spurned out better understanding on the latest update.

The news tab, which will be the newest addition to the Facebook app, will be a one managed by real editors. The tab will contain the newest and top stories of each day. It also offers a personalized experience for Facebook users. The news preference will be shown according to the readers’ interests and likes. We can also hide or block the contents or publishers we don’t want to see.

The real benefit of this “News” tab will be the availability of updated news articles from genuine and trust-worthy news sources. Users can find real quality news, in which they are interested in, without falling prey for click-bait news articles from numerous websites.

Facebook initiative for providing high-quality news content in exchange for good payment terms will surely uplift the journalism industry. The concern is whether most users use this feature or not. Let’s keep the hopes to the clouds since the news tab is anyways a great initiative from the tech giant.

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